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Viking Coders is an End-to-End Web Development firm. Our team of experts are well versed with all components of Web Development: Web Design/Development, Graphic Art, Custom Development (including custom plugins for most top Shopping Carts), Custom Platform Integrations, Mobile, SEO, Branding, and General Web Consulting.

We create sites that display a strong brand image, convey advantages to consumers, and create a desire to purchase. Get a Quote

The difficult we do immediately,
the impossible takes a little longer.

e-Commerce Development

There are Six Steps in our Development process:

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01. Research

One of the most important phases in a Dev Cycle. The in-depth understanding of the task at hand. Often time, a customer engages us with a problem that they haven't even scoped out. Our direction is then shifted to become an expert on their niche so we could develop a plan to tackle their problem.

04. Development

We will help bring your ideas to life using clear and simple code to help make things clear to you, and to the end user.

02. Planning

First of all, we think about making the site understandable and delivering the necessary information. To do this, on the prototype, we think throught the user's path and its interaction with the content.

05. Launch

In this phase we transfer each component of the final project to the working server. Once it is launched onto the live server it can begin to generate profit for our clients..

03. Design

We make the site appealing to the audience and memorizing, consolidating the brand image.

06. Maintenance

We are here around the clock to help support you and your site. We will help answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Integrated eCommerce

We became established in 1998 by building custom modules for clients whose online stores were on the Miva Platform. In 2001 we formed a development team that started independently building Online stores/websites based on the Miva eCommerce Platform. Fast forward to the present, and Viking Coders is the leading development company with multiple offices in US that specialize in:

  • Responsive Miva Design
  • Development from Miva Ready Themes to fully custom enterprise-level design
  • Third party integrations
  • Module development, installation and configuration
  • Store Maintenance and updates
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Fully Customizable UX
Multiple Stores
Mobile Friendly Design
Third Party Integrations
SEO Friendly
Security PCI/PDA Complaint
Fast Page Load
Multiple Payment Gateway

Find The Solution For Your Needs

Small Intergation ?


Try the quality of our services by solving a small problem

Up to 4 hours
of development included

  • 24/7 Support
  • Common search
  • Unlimited Products
  • Dedicated Hosting
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Business Intergation ?


The required set of services for small businesses

Up to 45 hours
of development included

  • 24/7 Support
  • Common search
  • Custom Design
  • Unlimited Products
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Responsive site for all screens
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High-End Intergation ?


A full range of services for advanced ecommerce

Up to 145 hours
of development included

  • 24/7 Support
  • Common search
  • High-End Design
  • Unlimited Products
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • A Full-Stack Web Development
  • Professional Lemp Development
  • Responsive site for all screens
  • Payment system setup
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Full Redesign ?


We will do our best to make your business stand out among competitors and bring maximum results

Up to 325 hours
of development included

  • 24/7 Support
  • Common search
  • High-End Design
  • Unlimited Products
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • A Full-Stack Web Development
  • Professional Lemp Development
  • Responsive site for all screens
  • Payment system setup
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We create sites that create a strong brand
image, convey advantages and create a desire to buy.

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01. Research

We study the business, its audience, competitors, and successful design solutions that are present in the industry of each brand. Result: we determine the direction of the future style and the most important communication channels.

03. Logo and corporate identity

We develop the brand identity through its name and expression. The logo matches those values and is unique to the brand. This helps us create guidelines of how to communicate the brand, its identity, and what it has to offer.

02. Naming

This process helps create a name and slogan that portrays the brand and reflects the values and direction of the business.

04. Result

The conclusion to developing these elements is a set of clearly defined directions by way of the logo and the brand’s identity. These directions help instruct us and our clients on how to represent the brand, and what is most effective when communicating these elements to consumers.

Maintenance & Counseling

A personal manager oversees all issues,
monitors the implementation of site maintenance and keeps you informed.

Simple Tasking

Clients are able to easily set tasks for our team of professionals to address and work through.

Prompt solution of tasks for technical support of the site - time for solving problems on the first line of 15 minutes.

Comprehensive Technical Support

We are here around the clock to help support our clients. With our technical support we are able to comprehensively solve problems and keep you updated on the progress of any and all tasks at hand.

Subscription Support

We offer support for subscription-based products and custom modules designed just for your brand. We offer around the clock support for all of our product offerings and project involvement.

Marketing Strategy

At Viking we are dedicated to developing a long-term plan for your brand and product mix to effectively market your business. By identifying the most effective and affordable promotional channels we are able to create a unique marketing strategy.

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Research and Positioning

We collect all pertinent data based on competition, consumers, and market environment in order to develop a strategy that best serves your business.


Based on our research we are able to identify the niches within the overall market. This helps us effectively market your brand and its products based on its positioning in the minds of consumers. We are then able to focus on the benefits of the product that serve these audiences.

Marketing System Design

We help develop a comprehensive marketing system that is designed to maximize efficiency by creating synergy between different strategic marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most cost-effective ways to market a brand and its product offering. Social media allows for fast, easy, free promotional strategies. There is potential for communicating with millions of people and endless opportunity to create a buzz around a product of business.

Email Marketing

A way to influence people who have already interacted with your brand.


A media source that thoroughly details various aspects of the business and its involvement in the market. The Blog shares information to influence customers to learn more about the brand and its products.

What Our Clients Say

* according to our analytics 85% of new customers come from a friend's recommendation.

The new site has received very positive reviews from customers who praise its ease of use as well as portability. The customer particularly appreciated the professionalism and willingness of Viking Coders to listen.

The customer particularly appreciated the professionalism and willingness of Viking Coders to listen.

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Compared to the previous version, the new site has much higher functionality, resulting in more user engagement and more offers.

Viking Coders has a results-oriented team dedicated to delivering results. They are attentive and open to all inquiries.

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The site is more responsive, loads in 2.5 seconds instead of 18, and conversion rates have increased both on mobile and on the web.

Viking Coders support multiple channels of communication and operate at any time. Their team is talented, professional, and hardworking.

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